Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide high quality and unimpeachable financial advisory services — principally bank merger & acquisition advice, bank brokerage services, and bank stock valuations — in a timely and cost-effective manner to our core clients, which consist of U.S. community banks and their owners.

Our mission determines the priorities of our professional engagements and the way in which we measure our accomplishments. Our sole focus is on ownership issues concerning U.S. community banks. We serve only those clients whose needs are related to our mission or whose underlying goals are in harmony with it.


Our professionals possess three basic characteristics:

  • a friendly and amicable approach to client services,
  • a professional attitude, with a focus on meeting client needs, and
  • impeccable integrity and trustworthiness, both personally and professionally.

We believe all three attributes are essential for effectively implementing our mission. And by displaying these attributes, we believe we attract long-term clients that possess the same basic qualities.

Our professionals work within a framework of shared values:

  • We measure our success by our clients’ success, not by revenue figures or number of engagements.
  • We maintain confidentiality in all our communication, discussing only the lessons we have learned from our experience, not the names or specifics of past clients’ successes or shortcomings.
  • We derive conclusions and recommendations from rigorous and objective analysis, not from preconceived opinions or unsubstantiated perceptions.
  • We give top priority to our mission and clients’ needs, not to our individual aspirations or personal needs.